Meet Our Team

Vijay Bhusan
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Er. Shakshi Shirvastav
CTO (Cheif Technical officer)
Ms. Prachi Shah
Executive Manager (Learning & Development)

Er. Rohit Bharti
STA (Senior Technical Architect )
Mr. Sandeep
TA (Technical Architect)
Ms. Salty Ahuja
TW(Technical Writer)
Er. Sweta
SSE (Senior Software Engineer)

Mr. Supriyant Rai
SM (Senior Manager)
Ms. Versha Rai
WDD (Web Designer & Developer )
Ms. Amrutha
SWD (Senior Web Developer)
Mr. Kishore Trommer
SC (Security Consultant)

Thanks Note :

I would also like to thanks to our supporter & helpers from the behalf of Software Venture Complete IT Solutions.
They help us a lot. To delevop & build our project.
Hopefully, They can help us like that always to reach the sky.

Er. Aanad Tripathi || Er. Somesh Sah || Er. Deepika Devre || Er. Rajat Sharma || Er. Rinkesh Kalani || Shubham Tripathi || Rishabh Srivastava